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Manna's wife, surprised by the act of photographing the shooting unit

Wife of Manna

There was a time when everyone had a meal together during filming. Filming in and around Dhaka, the stars cooked them from their own homes and used to eat them all. Filming was like a banquet. Although the issue at the moment is absolutely rare.

Recently, filming began with "Krantangali Chitragat & # 39; of Manor Manna Productions. After 10 years of closing, the company was restarted with the title & # 39; Jam & # 39;. Maneer's wife, Shelley Manna, is now holding the company. Even in the old style, he was preparing at home for the firing unit. He cooks his favorite favorite manna food for the whole unit.

Manna's wife, Shelley Manna, said, "Actually, I think there's a relationship between cooking and cooking, because when Manna used to film in Dhaka or the surrounding area, I had to cook for him.I would like to eat food so that 12- 15 people can eat.This is exactly what I cooked.In addition, since I understand the firing unit means that we are a family.And as a family elder, I can cook and eat.

She cooked – Shelli laughs if you want to know. He said: "I just cooked the usual food and got it. Because, our beloved Manna Sahab always used to eat Bengali food. He had a greed for normal food. I also fed this type of food. Small fish, big fish, vegetables, bharta, and there is also meat. I was really a movie man, that's why I cooked for the family. Everyone will pray so that I can be present in front of the audience with a good photo.

Director of Photography Naeem Imtiaz Neamul said, "We shot some flashbacks on November 12-13, and there is a desire to film from December 1. Everyone will pray for our unity.

Written journalist Ahmad Zaman Chowdhury wrote the story of & # 39; Jam & # 39;.

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