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Mamun collected Tk 39 lakh for the attack of Holi Artisan

<img class = "jwMediaContent image aligncenter" title = "Mohammed Mamunur Rashid, accused in the event of an attack by Gulshan's Artiisan restaurant in the capital, was presented at a news conference. in the event of an attack by the Artiisan restaurant in Gulshan in the capital, was presented at a press conference. Success & # 39 ;, & # 39 ;, & # 39 ;: & # 39; 1410848 & # 39 ;, & # 39 ;, Jpg & # 39 ;, & # 39; & # 39; // paloimages.prothom;,&#39;path&#39 ;: Mohammad Mamunur Rashid, accused in the event of an attack at the Holi Artisan restaurant in Gulshan, was present at the event. press release: Image: Width: 364, height: 362, & # 39;: & # 39; aligner & # 39; & Quot; link & # 39;: & # 39; & # 39 ;, & # 39;, & # 39; target; & # 39; & # 39 ;, & # 39;, & # 39; Mohammad Mamunur Rashid, accused of attacking the Artiisan restaurant in Gulshan, was presented at a news conference. Photo: Prothom Alo, & # 39 ;: & # 39; Mohammad & # 39; Mamunur Rashid, accused in the event of an attack at the Holi Artisan restaurant in Gulshan, was presented at a press conference. Image: Prothom-alo & # 39;} "width =" 644 "src =" "Before the attack on the Holi Artizan restaurant in Gulshan, Mohammed Mamunur Rashid, known as Ripon, nicknamed Rezaul Karim, Abu Muhajir (30), who received 39 lakh taka and collected money, weapons and explosives from India for the attack "said Holi Artisan. Accused Mamunur Rashid confessed The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) said the RAB arrested him from a bus in the Gazipur onboard market area around 11:15 am on Saturday morning.

Today, at noon on Sunday, at the Media Center, at the RAW Media Center in Karwan Bazar, Mamunur Rashid was present. The director of RAB's Law and Media Department, Mufti Mahmud Khan, informed the media about Mamunur's confession and said that at the time of the arrest, a diary, four draft maps and money worth 1,447,000 and 755 were found in Mamunur. The Mamunur House in the village of Nandigram in Sheikh Mera, Bogra. He was admitted to Madrasa after studying up to class III through Bangla. He studied in different madrassas of Mirpur, Nandigram and Naogaon of Bogra in Dhaka. Last year at Madarasatul Darul Hadith in Chapainawabganj, he finished his studies at Dowry. After taking the application course in the office of a computer training center called Cyber ​​Tech in Bogra, he accepted employment at that institution.

At the press conference, Mamunur Rashid was motivated by militancy through a doctor named Nazrul while working in the cyber. His organization was named Ripon. Previously he was known as Rashid. Dr. At that time Nazrul was a member of the JMB. Mamunur's main job was to collect donations Delivered to Nazrul.

At the press conference, Mufti Mahmud said, after taking responsibility as Sarwar Jahan (later killed in anti-militant operations) JMB Amir, began collecting new money and began work. In the case of the Mamunur shop bKash, six lakh taka of assault, a lakh taka of cigarette vendor and a lakh rupees in an incident in Gaibandha. In mid-2015, a compromise was reached between the secret meeting between Tamim Chowdhury (later killed in anti-militant operations) and Sarwar Jahan. Mamun was present at the meeting. At that meeting, he was appointed as a member of Sura. According to the organization's decision, a team led by Mamunun went to India to collect money, weapons and explosives in April 2016. Before attacking Holi Artisan, Mamun received 39 lakh taka and delivered Sarowar to the world.

The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) said Mamunur Holi confessed to being involved in the planning and payment of the artisans' case. The RAB alleges that several attacks by militants in the northern region were under its direct supervision. Jahangir Alam, known as Rajiv Gandhi, was led by these attacks.

Rajiv Gandhi, one of Holi Artisan's planning strategists. He is now arrested as the defendant in the case.

The trial of the Holi artisan attack case is underway Testimonies in the case of the special anti-terrorism court in Dhaka

On November 26 last year, the court filed an indictment against eight defendants in the case. The affidavit began on December 3.

Those accused were Rajiv Gandhi, Mizanur Rahman, also known as Big Mizan, Rakibul Hasan Reagan, Hatkata Sohel Mahfuz, Hadisur Rahman Sagar, Rashed Ahmed, Abu Jar, Shariful Islam, also known as Khaled and Mamunur Rashid, known as Ripon.

After the arrest of Mamunur Rashid, incidentally Ripon, one of the accused is now running away. His name is Shariful Islam, known as Khaled.

The involvement of 21 people in the event of the Santo Artisan attack was found. Five of them were killed on the scene. Later, eight people were killed in various operations of law enforcement agencies.

On July 1, 2016, militants attacked Holi Artisan at night. They received national and foreign guests in the arms. Two policemen were killed in the attack that night. The next morning, six soldiers, including five militants, were killed in a military command. Later, police recovered the body of 20 people, including 18 foreigners. 1 restaurant worker died in hospital.

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