Malinga fought Facebook on Facebook, Perera wanted to interfere with the board


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The biggest Cricket event is no longer behind for the World Cup. At this point the other teams, where they are preparing for the World Cup, are confronted with two cricket players from Sri Lanka. It would be wrong to say two players, the conflict is mainly with the wife of the cricketer.

Both are senior team cricketers. One shoulder and leadership again. Lasith Malinga and Thesira Perera are two senior cricket players. Malinga's wife, Tania, originally had a fight with social media. The fight brought about by the water so far, anyway, the pirreara wanted to interfere in the board.

The beginning of the incident, from a Facebook post given by Malinga's wife, Tania Perera, earlier this month. In this Facebook post, Tania, Thesara writes in Perrera, "Thesira met the new sports minister to secure her place in the national team."

But Thesara Perera is no exception. In response to Malinga's wife's complaint, she showed her ODI performance statistics in 2018. Once again Malinga's wife posted on Facebook, attacked Thesia Perrera. I could not accept it any more. Theresa Perera, who wanted the intervention of the council, referring to the laughter of people across the country.

In the letter to the Council, he wrote: "If the captain's wife made such claims on social media, it is difficult to prevent ordinary people from believing and condemning me."

Thesa thinks there is no more unity in the team. When the two senior members of the team are in conflict, it's a matter of discomfort for the whole country. He said that after the incident, the locker room was uncomfortable. Honestly, when two elderly people became disenchanted, the place for the youngsters became uncomfortable. We can not play as a team against the dispute. "


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