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Showbiz table: Saidur Rahman Said, director of the historic Madhur Canteen of the University of Dhaka. The film, titled "Madhur Kantin", is playing the role of "Madhu Da" in the film, the filmmaker Omar Sani. And the journalists are acting humorously, by Priyadarshini Mousumi. After a long time, Omar Sunny is returning to the central role in the performance. One of the popular couple, Seasonal and Omar Sani is working on characters and historical events. On Sunday night, the film's master was held at Madhur Canteen of the University of Dhaka. Deputy Chancellor of the University of Dhaka, Prof. Dr. Md. Akhtaruzzaman. Among others, filmmakers Azizur Rahman, producer Sayedur Rahman Saeed, filmmaker Omar Sani, Moushumi and others were present. Omar Sani said: "I hope this character is one of the milestones of my career, and we have been working for a long time to illustrate this." Filmmaker Moushumi said: "After 17 years, Saeed's brother made a new film with many challenges. I hope the country has a better image. "After the end of the month, the filming scene started in front of the sweet canteen. Mousumi took part the first day.


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