Liverpool flew to the pair of Messi


It is impossible to guess the end of the game. Especially if one of the two teams is Lionel Messi, a football magician. Liverpool, who were in great shape this season, also chased Barca early in the game. But Messi and Suarez, who left Camp Dolly, fell from the room. And in the first round of the Champions League semi-final, All-Reddas lost 3-0 to the Catalan giants. Messi scored twice on the team. Suarez scored the second goal.

Early in the game, Salma-Manera was sitting ahead of the 90-minute speed and speed pace. Gird Pike-Sergie Roberto has been fighting to stop an attack. But there is no such danger on the forehead. On the other hand, Van Dyke, who had hit the ball in his own box, prevented Messi in the 13th minute. Barça appeals to the penalty. But the referee refused to accept it. The ball was seen in Replay by Van Dyke, but was not deliberate.

    Messi scored twice. Photo: collected

In the 26th minute, Suarez dropped a huge weight from the hosts' chest. Jordi Alba lifts the ball from left to long The low cross, entering much into the Liverpool D-box, made it a great place to open space between Van Dyke and Huan Matipu, and the Uruguayan star took a great dip. The ball was caught in the net, glued directly to Alison.

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The eye of Suarez is a goal of any attacker. Surprisingly, this is Suarez's first goal in the Champions League this season, also against his former club. He scored the last goal against Roma in 2016, just 392 days ago! The coincidence is that the Brazilian Alison was the goalkeeper of the opponent. It is also the 500th goal of the Champions of the Barça in the Champions League Earlier, this event was created by his expected Real Madrid Real Madrid.

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Liverpool made some shuffling on the attack. But at 35 minutes the real opportunity came to them. Hansaran lowered the force, taking the shot means the Senegalese striker. But his shot is ignored. After a few minutes, Salah's attempt was made to hang Langley. But get the ball, Milner. Although the captain's shot from Liverpool left the post.

Messi suarez fest Photo: collected

The start of the second half is also Liverpool. His two best efforts in the 47th and 53rd minute are close to Staaten's skills. After a few more times, the arrangements for Salah-Mancha failed to break Barca's defense. On the other hand, Messi scored the goal in the 75th minute. Although it could have been Suarez's second, but when he returned to his extraordinary shot, the captain of Barça hit the ball in the return shot.

The result of the match was quite right. But Messi continues to be magic At 82 minutes, Messi falsely saw yellow cards, Liverpool's Fabinho. Messi managed to score 30 yards for an incredible goal. Alison was jumping to the right to stop the curved shot from her left foot. But why is he able to stop the free magic shot, why is it not possible for any goalkeeper in the world? Messi's 12th goal of the Champions League this season Messi's 600th goal for Barcelona

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Messi scored 26 goals in 33 Champions League matches against English clubs in the Champions League. There is no such thing, no one else. However, former Real Madrid and current Juventus Winger Cristiano Ronaldo scored similar points against the German clubs.

After losing by 3 to 0, Liverpool got the better chance, but did not see the goal back. The ball goes to the D-box before being hit by the ball. Get the ball to get the ball as a substitute for Ferminino. The goal kick was met by the goalkeeper and the goalkeeper was replaced by two defenders. Ball goes to Salah's leg. The Egyptian rocket motion takes starred very close back to the firing bar.

Liverpool will host Barcelona on May 8 in the second game at Anfield.

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