Letter from Ranbir to Deepika


The person who is seen everyday is being diverted; If you write a letter, there will be a little talk about it. Ranveer Singh, who gave rise to a discussion writing a letter to his wife, Deepika Padukone. But it is not secretly written, writes social media. In the letter, Ranbir Singh's love and respect was voiced for his wife. Here, Dipika is described as "very modest," "respectful of others," "merciful," "sensitive," "intellectual," "right-minded person." One of Bollywood's most popular actors in the world, she referred to herself as "the proudest husband in the world".

Ranbir Singh praised his wife in the letter: "The exception of Deepa is among the people who have been seen so far, he is an exceptional personality." When I tell him something, I can not hide my feelings. There is only one world that is hidden between Deepika, there is only love, love, kindness, intelligence, beauty, personality, and sensitivity, all of which helped her to become a real artist. , Deepika He likes to talk directly to everyone, he is always smiling. No one likes prejudice.

Source: Times of India


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