Kohli broke Guptil record


Australia won the first game The second was abandoned. To save the series, India did not have the option to win in the third T20. The victory was achieved by captain Virat Kohli's attacking ability on Sunday. He scored 61 runs in 41 balls. I was sitting in the log books.

Following Sydney's entrances, Kohli's 488 races in 14 games at T-Twenty20 against Australia helped Kohli to reach the milestone. It is one of the T-20's highest world records for a cricketer against a particular opponent. The previous record was Martin Guptill of New Zealand. The Kiwis scored 463 races in 15 games against Pakistan.

This is the 19th half of Kohli in the International T-Twenty, the Indian Batsman, which is altogether the tallest. Rohit Sharma, the launcher, touched Kohli. Rohit also has 19 half a century.

It does not end here, Kohli did five half-centuries in this T-Twenty draw against Australia, which is the joint record of the maximum of fifty records for any cricket player against a particular country. Kushal Perera of Sri Lanka also has five halves against Bangladesh.

(DhakaTimes / November 26 / ABA)


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