Klopp-Guardiola sees the error of the Premier League authorities in mind ‘


The English Premier League authorities introduced a five-player transfer rule last season due to the coronavirus. With the start of the new season, the Premier League has returned to the three-player transfer system. The coaches did not like the subject at all. The league’s two best coaches, Pep Guardiola and Jörgen Klopp, strongly criticized the decision to move.

Football returns to the field in May-June, after being closed for several months due to the epidemic. At that time, FIFA introduced a temporary rule for the transfer of five players, considering the lack of physical preparation of the players. For now, FIFA follows this rule until August 2021. The Spanish, French, German and Italian leagues took advantage of the opportunity.



However, the Premier League has returned to the old rules. Since the start of the 2020-21 season, matches have been taking place according to the three transfer rules, which the coaches of the great teams did not like. Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solshare and Chelsea coach Frank Lampard demanded the introduction of a five-player substitution rule this season, as players are subject to injuries during matches.

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp publicly criticized the Premier League. An injury took Virgil von Dyke, the team’s best defender of the season. Thiago Alcantara, Fabinho and Nabi Keitara are also injured. The rest also lack physical fitness. At that time, the German All Reds coach strongly criticized the three-transfer rule.

“It should come back, but I don’t think it will come back because that is the old way. He won’t be back because Chelsea have injuries, City, Liverpool, United, Tottenham also have problems. But it is not enough for others to vote.

“I think leadership is lacking here. Someone has to ask a question at the negotiating table: ‘What are you going to do this time?’ Someone has to sell the offer. That seems to be the real word. Richard Masters (Premier League chief executive) should be informed that we do not want any unfair advantage! “

Manchester United coach Pep Guardiola agreed with the sentiment: “Last season, 46 percent more players were injured than at any time this season.”

‘No party is taking more advantage here. We are here today because of the players. Forget the benefits, this rule is important to save players.

“If you have to play a match every three days, the players will be hurt. They are suffering. So, all leagues have five transfer rules and what are we doing to protect the players? ‘

‘The statistics speak for themselves. The previous game is far away, even the players who were injured the previous season are not recovering. Who changed the rules, who voted to change? Who are these? FIFA, UEFA has the rule. We need to reach a decision. ‘


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