Khaleda Zia is popular in Bangladesh, not Bahubal: Nurul Kabir


( The book entitled "Khaleda Zia: Har Life, Har Story", written by journalist Mahfuz Ullah, was unveiled at an unpretentious ceremony at the Lakesher Hotel in Gulshan.

The Universal Academy, published in 771 pages written in English with the flow of the long political life of Khalida Zia, published the book.

About the book, the country's New Age editor Nurul Kabir said: "The book asked us some useless questions that I personally know about the author, he certainly knows the process. For example, let him (Khaleda Zia) say who is in politics? This is a common curiosity that is not quoted in the book.There was no mention of what was the first emotional reaction of his time.Who opposed this, some of them opposed.

As Khaleda Zia is in jail, I do not believe all her leaders are unhappy, sorry. Someone is happy, in the absence of the decision to make the decision. At the same time, he did not come and said that I will do politics, get into politics. The leadership of the BNP that can not keep the party and the reason for this disadvantage is that they all want to be leaders. I think that at that time the leaders brought Khaleda Zia as a symbolist to keep her handicap and party. Certainly some people opposed it and did not get the answer in this book.

Criticizing Khaleda Zia's decision, Nurul Kabir said: "Suppose he came to power first, he made an illegal decision. But he was not the owner of this illegal decision. However, he is also criticized for his legal decision as well as for judicial decisions during his stay in power. There are no answers in this book about what these legitimate decisions were. My idea is that the book that was printed in the story is not enough, but I hope it will be resolved in the second edition.

When Khaleda Zia came to power a second time, what was his attitude toward the fact that a parallel government was formed? There is no answer in this book. What we need to know. Did he really support all this heart in mind? Did he even challenge him? Did he see excessive in that? What was your pet? For these reasons, the team and him who have to go to the painful situation today, what is his responsibility there? Or it was certain that we see this as a mistake. It should be in a discussion book. Even for 36 years, I want to see the mention of all the decisions that have been debated in politics, although there is a biography of Sheikh Hasina. So we hope to mention these things when writing a biography of a writer and researcher.

On the inaction of Khaleda Zia, Nurul Kabir said: "The point is that Khaleda Zia lives in a single prison now, she is in prison, she has no activism in this decision making process, so he was sometimes inactive. sometimes it can be more dangerous than activating a state in the life of the head of government. I want to know what the mental sketch behind this inactivity is.

Or suppose some of your staff demanded reform at an unfair time, claiming what was fair? But I think the time was wrong. If the affirmation is justified, then who are the opportunists in your team? He was with them, could not catch, and then he made the decision or step? What he did, what he did not need to know for his personal politics of biography and people from all over Bangladesh. I want to see these questions in the next collection.

Nurul Kabir also said, "I have demanded two accolades from Khaleda Zia, they do not like India, but many of their party are secretly making an effort to reconcile with India's policymakers.I think it's a wrong policy of nationalist power The question is whether the woman who does not believe in this woman in spite of all this is the power of Khaleda Zia Identity of her patriot The second question is that Khaleda Zia is not king in Bahubal, I do not believe in that. became king in Bahubal.I think that Khaleda Zia is popular in popularity and continued his journey.

Professor of the Legal Department of the University of Dhaka at the publication ceremony. Asif Nazrul said: "Begum Zia came up with sympathy, but to establish rights in politics, she created the image of & # 39; Anuparalal while campaigning against Ershad; That he still holds in hundreds of adverse circumstances. Not only that, Khaleda Zia is the only leader who has never compromised any anti-national work. For the good of the country, he sustained himself for the needs of the people, he continued.

Professor Laila N. Islam, former ambassador Anwar Hasim, retired judge and columnist Ektadar Ahmed spoke at the time.

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