Kanchpur Meghna and Gomti Bridge Project: tens of thousands of crores to save


In order to increase spending on one or more of the government's work, the cost of building bridges "Kanchpur, Meghna and Gomti and rehabilitating existing bridges" is about 1 billion crore.

Construction work on the second Kanchpur, the second Meghna and the second Gomti bridge on the project has already finished before schedule. The government 600 crores taka and development partner JICA 400 crores in the money saved in the project Initial calculation After the finalization of the project in December, the actual amount of money saved will be known. This information is known in connection with the people involved.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the second Meghna and the second Gomti bridge on Saturday. On May 31, the Kanchpur Bridge viaduct will open. In early March 16 this year, the Prime Minister inaugurated the second Kanchpur Bridge on the Shitalakshya River. It is expected that the project-related project will not have any traffic congestion on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway through the introduction of these bridges.

Passengers from the south-eastern districts, including Chittagong, will be able to move freely during the next Eid-ul-Fitr. Asked about cost savings, project director Abu Saleh Nuruzzaman told Munna Jugantor: "We expect at least one taka crore to be saved in this project." It will be possible to calculate the value after the actual calculation in December.

He said that the second Meghna and Gumti bridges were opened for vehicular traffic. The rehabilitation work on the Meghna and Gomti bridge will end in December. Then the two bridges will also work. This means that the road will be four lanes, the bridge will be six lanes.

Sources at the Roads and Highways Department said that the construction of overflights on Madanpur and other highways is planned to be built on this highway.

According to the project's sources, total spending on the project? Construction of Kanchpur, Meghna Bridge and Gomti and the rehabilitation of existing bridges? is estimated at 8,487 crores. Of these, JICA's funding is Rs 6,430 crores and Bangladesh Government's Rs is 57 million crore. In this, the cost of building new three bridges and rehabilitation of the old three bridges is estimated at Tk 5, 960 crores. Four Japanese companies working together on the project are working.

Under the agreement, the work began on January 3, 2016 and is already completed in June of this year, but is now complete. The works were closed for four months due to a terrorist attack on Holi Artisan Baker in July 2016. For this reason, the government decided to extend the construction period by six months until December this year. As a result, the construction of the bridge was completed seven months before the scheduled time.

The people in question said that the cost of constructing the second Gomti bridge was 1,950 million rupees. And the rehabilitation cost of the first Gumti bridge was estimated at Tk 460. The length of the second Gumti bridge is 1,410 meters, the width is 17.55 meters. There are 14.60 meters of trail and the footprint of 1 decimal 50 meters. The bridge bridge number is 17. On the other hand, the construction of the second Meghna bridge at 930 meters in length was 1750 crore.

The rehabilitation cost of the first Meghna bridge was estimated at 500 taka crore. Bridge repair work will end in December. The second Meghna bridge, as the second Gumti bridge, is 17.5 meters wide, 14.60 meters of track and a decimal of 50 meters for vehicular traffic. There are 12 spans. Apopoch road with the second Meghna and Gumti Bridge. In addition, the construction cost of the second bridge of Kanchpur is 950 crore taka.

And the cost of building the viaduct on the eastern side of the Kanchpur bridge is about 80 taka crore. The rehabilitation cost for the first Kanchpur bridge is 270 taka crore. Meanwhile, our representatives said the highway has no traffic congestion since the start of the new two bridges. Generally, traffic jams ranging from 10 to 40 kilometers long on the road in the closed days of Venus, Saturn. Because of this, the transport in question said that despite the four lanes of the Dhaka-Chittagong highway, there were two lanes on the Meghna and Gomti bridges. Basically, traffic congestion was created. Due to the inauguration of the new two bridges, the movement of the four lanes is also being carried out on the bridge.


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