Jovan – The Daily Amader Shomoy


The location of Zoban in the showbiz of the country is very good. But still he went into the sea to a foreign country. Maria, the newly married wife, who is two months pregnant. Jovan did not even think of her words. She did not think, her old mother and her younger brother. But did Jovan know this, if the path of his destiny can go in the opposite direction?

Jovan disappeared for eight months So what happened at sea? When they all gave up Joan's return, Jovan's mother thought the boy would return one day.

The story is made in the history of the Kutum bird. Jovan starred Alal in that role. And his wife will be seen in the role of Shabnam Faria. The younger brother, Dulal, became Mukul Siraj. And the role of the mother will be seen Shirin Alam In the writings of Manas Pal, Golam Habib Litu directed the telecabe. It will air on Friday at 15:55 on Channel Aye.


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