It will be difficult to continue playing Mashrafe as MP: Noor


& Suspension Bridge & # 39; is the most popular tourist spot in Bristol with aesthetic architecture between mountains, clouds and vegetation. After the confrontation between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka was abandoned, there was no rain in the afternoon in the rainy afternoon, even in the face of nature, the beauty of the eyes was not ignored. A half year old cloud bridge on a bridge that is very difficult to ignore.

Although established as a politician, still for many generations of Bangladesh, Asaduzzaman Nur is currently known as & # 39; Bakir Bhai & # 39; or "The Life of Nurul Day". Brother of everyone's brother, but what are you doing in Bristol?

The thriller is just a Jamaican chatta. He said that the UK has come to see the three games of Bangladesh in the World Cup. In the first two matches, rain rained in the third game on Tuesday. So leave out to use the free time.

Not only is it not the joy of the soil, it is well researched that explains the absence of matches, proves this MP and cultural personality, "a day of sadness. Nature is so sad that we who have come to touch in Bangladesh, or those who they are all expatriates, they are all depressed because the game was not there, the game was very important to us, we all expected that we would have the power to lose Sri Lanka and if we win it we will have a problem in that place.

When it comes to cricket, Mashrafe came inevitably. Nur prides himself on Mashrafei as his traveling companion in Parliament. However, Nur said: "I do not know how easy it will be to play cricket in the future as a member of parliament, it may be difficult." However, Mashrafe made a lot of contribution to our cricket in Bangladesh. And as a captain, as a cricketer, Bangladesh took Bangladesh to an important place with extraordinary leadership. And congratulations for her and today she is proud to have her as a co-worker in parliament.

The current captain of Bangladesh will have full-time policies after the World Cup. Then there was another challenge for him to win the challenge. In the MP's challenge, seeing the success of Mashrafe, the minds of the people won by acting, Nur said: "To tell you the truth, he has not yet had the opportunity to play a part as a member of Parliament. cricket, hoping to achieve the same success as a member of parliament.


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