IPL can not play if you play PSL !: – 742134 | Kaler Kantho


"The Cricket Control Council in India (BCCI) is considering making rules that the Indian League (IPL) will not be contested if the Pakistan Super League (PSL) plays." Meanwhile, four representatives of the Board of Governors of the Indian Cooperation Council (COA) are discussing this issue. Still, they gave no final answer. But, according to council sources, India's mainstream media said the decision will be taken to make a difficult decision.

India-Pakistan relations became hot after the terrorist attacks in the Pulwama of Kashmir. India has already taken a number of measures against Pakistan. Among these steps are cricket problems. India has blocked PSL broadcast The discussions will not play with Pakistan in the next World Cup one day. India came up with the IPL discussion And that is, those who play in PSL will not be able to play in IPL.

Pakistani cricket players are not allowed to play in the IPL So there is no reason to worry about them. But foreign players may have problems. Stars like Villiers AB, Andre Russell, Dwayne Bravo and Sunil Narine are playing at this PSL this year. If the BCCI makes any final decision on the IPL, there will be danger to them. So ask yourself whether the IPL or PSL?


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