Instead of three pounds of a pound of marijuana, telephone # 999 & # 39;


For the exchange of ten thousand rupees there were about three pounds of marijuana, but he gained one pound. He was annoyed by calling the police emergency number & # 39; 999 & # 39; The police came and arrested him and sent him to prison.

Although it sounds incredible, this incident happened on Sunday in Brahman for Bazaar in Comilla.

OC Shahjahan Kabir told the BBC that a marijuana businessman was staying at Brahman for Bazaar, informing the police station about the connection of & # 39; 999 & # 39; at 6 am on Sunday morning. Subsequently, a team led by Deputy Inspector Zakir Hossain was sent there.

Zakir Hossain told the BBC: "I just finished my night duty and went back to the police station." After getting the phone number of 999, I started again at Brahman ParĂ¡ Market where I saw a woman of middle class stopped there.

"He claimed to have given 10,000,000 rupees to a wholesale marijuana salesman to buy three pounds of marijuana, but the marijuana salesman gave him a pound of marijuana, so he complained to & # 39; 999 & # 39;
Zakir Hossain says he could not get the wholesaler. The woman was arrested and taken to the police station after receiving a pound of cannabis. He was sent to jail after the drug law case.

"I asked him, why is it illegal to sell and sell sleeves, why did you call the police station?" The woman said she had done this to deliver the wholesale salesman to the police, annoyed at giving her a three-pound pound.

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Police said the residents of Narayanganj, women arrested. However, to buy marijuana, he had gone to Brahman several times before, he said in the interrogation.

Police said the marijuana salesman was looking for wholesale

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