Instead of going for the cricket test, instead of four and six times, it's 8-12


Twenty-year-old cricket revolutionized cricket. Cricket test is under threat But the International Cricket Council (ICC) is not sitting. Dangerous organization to keep the elite version. The ICC has taken eight new revolutionary initiatives to make the test more attractive.

1 The name and number of the shirt on the test

Players in the day games and twenty crickets have the names and numbers behind the colored shirt. It will be seen on the tests cricket shirt. Limited World Cup Front Begins when the Mega Asher Test Championship begins. This can be seen in this. As a precaution, there will be mention of the Instagram account of the cricket players.

2 The pitch system is going instead

The ICC is taking innovative measures to connect the young generation to the cricket test. The test pitch system will also be changed in the test championship. Social Media Twitter Twitter will be the first to hit or roll, the viewers will choose. A few hours before departure will be arranged. Tickets can be decided by tweeting the fans who may decide

3 Shorts play test later

Cricket players may play Tests after the front shorts. The ICC is making this decision with the time in mind. If the temperature reaches 35 degrees, players will be able to play after the short due to the heat.

4 Revolutionary changes in transmission

During the game with the help of technology, commentators will be virtually behind the slide. The ICC can take initiatives to increase TV viewers.

5 Two wickets in one

Once you pick up the defender, you can end up with the scouts on the other side of the defender. As a result, the field team will receive two wickets per one. The International Cricket Council (ICC)

6 The dotless ball name will change

In the future, the new name of the ball may be called & # 39; failure & # 39 ;. If the ball is in the spot, it will be called & Asset & # 39;. The initiative will be taken by the Cricket Guardian organization to be proud of the glory of the cricket test.

7 Four and six instead of 8-12

If we score a limit on the four or more limits, we can score six races. It is also changing. If the night session is four (limit) in the day / night test match, it will be eight runs. Likewise, if it is six (six), it will be scored 12.

8 Rules of tie

In the test championship, the two teams will be based on the Away draw series.

Note that there is no reason to be afraid of these rules. It was on Sunday it was April Fool !!! The ICC said the rules on its official Twitter that day.

Cricket fans think the governing body of World Cricket is mocking the Day of Lies. But I think that's true.


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