In Dhaka, after "death", the accusations of accounts were placed in the hospital


House of Shahidul Islam killed in Ramgonj in Lakshmipur On May 14, the hospital was admitted to hospital with kidney problem

His relatives complained last week about the hospital authorities
The patient's condition did not tell them. Friday night
If you want to know the patient status for Shahidul's relatives, then you will die
They are talking about them.

Kamal, son of Shahidul Islam, complained that his father
Hospital officials asked for 23 dialysis in 20 days.

"Like 23 dialysis in 20 days? We several times in another hospital
Tried to take But they did not let our patient take it. I think
He died on the 14th. They were still doing business with my father. "

Authorities made a Tk 10 lakh bill for the father's medical treatment.

Other relatives of Shahidul Hossain, called Shahadat Hossain, also complained:
His relatives had already died.

"The call was made from the hospital to the account every day.
Not talking about the bill for a week. We suspect it. Pressing today
After admitting that he died in the night. "

Asked about this, the administrative director of the hospital
Dr. Ashish Kumar Chakraborty denies the patient's relatives.

He said, "We tried our best.
Could not save. He had two kidney problems.
He was hospitalized here in critical condition.

"These complaints were made from the mental state of the patient's relatives."

The patient with the hospital staff and employees at night in the evening
Police were deployed after the confusion of their relatives.


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