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Imran is the mother of three European countries

Showbiz Desk: The United States, in the Middle East, have performed in various Asian countries, the Channel I artist Sherkantha, Imran. This time the musician went to Europe to sing the star. He is the mother of three Europeans. Imran said, I am now in the city of Zurich, Switzerland. The concert organized the Bengali community living in Europe. Me and I were invited to sing in Europe for the first time with my band I Kings. On Saturday in Paris, we sang the concert. Gavi Zurich in Switzerland on Sunday I'm going to sing in Swedish on May 4th.
He also said that many people could not think of coming to the concert. It looked like a part of Bangladesh I was surprised to see their presence. Now there are cold shivers. When I sang on stage, there was a bit of rain after arriving. They still enjoyed umbrella head shows. The love of the people of Bengal moved me a lot. So we are grateful to everyone. Imran will return to the country after the shows in three European countries on May 7. He will return to work with new songs.

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