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In advance: Kiara Adbhani is a new face popular in Bollywood. "Last Stories", "Scandal" or Dhoni's Biophic. This is the first Bollywood movie to be captured by Kabir Singh. Her real name is Alia. But Alia is not confused with the name of Bhat, so she changed her name. Earlier in his career, Karan helped Johar camp give Kyaar more mileage. In the words of the heroine, "Give priority to your institute in the field of work.If you can match the character, then agree.As Karan Johar has worked with him, I often take his opinion." of the queen. Although heroin says, it can not work or calculate. Kaira had to wait for the Lighthouse to come. His first photo "Fagli & # 39; flop

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After a bit of Dhoni's biopic, it changed a bit, but after the "Last Stories", those who did not want to appear with me began to offer work "Now, my career chart is up.I want to keep it.ōĀÝ He heard a lot of stories about Siddharth MalhotraōĀ relacionamentos relationship with him.ōĀÝ He blasted the subject, the heroine said, ōĀÜItōĀ Estás completely wrong. If you read them, they would be angry. Now I'm laughing I do not want to be rumored to be going. The day I introduce myself, I will tell everyone. "Once upon a time, in the face of a failed love in life, then think about choosing a life partner." The line said, "She wants to be faithful to love."


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