Monday , October 18 2021

I am fascinated by the audience of Eid's drama "


Musician and popular actor Tahsan Khan Earlier in his career, he created a stern position in Shrotahamah with his other vocals. Later, he got the acting as well as succeeded. In recent years, Taasan's pieces and televisions have added different differences. Just after the screen, it was released in the movie. His first actress, Ek Din, was released a few days ago. Meanwhile, the Tahsan festival was also very good. Besides singing along with the TV screen was also present. As you are As eid Tahsan said: I am very good.

This festival has been very good. How does the Eid answer work? Tahsan replied that a song on 'Eid for special reasons' was released on Eid CD Choice. Imran composed music and music. Good response after posting Outside them, I played a few plays, they are very good. I've been working on pieces like 'finger finger', 'lady killer', 'confessing', 'forbidding love', '& # 39; look backwards. Meanwhile, Nusrat Imroz Tisha was the opposite of me in the first two. The next group was with Safa Kabir, Shetaj and Shabnam Faria, respectively. The story of each piece was different.

I liked acting. I am fascinated by the Eid drama audience. And now, in addition to watching TV, the audience enjoys the drama on YouTube. So, on the days of the plays, the dramas will improve. What about the occupation now? Tahsan said, now after Eid did not start working like that. But the script of some pieces is in my hands. In addition, I will also do music works. The first picture of your actress & # 39; s one day & # 39; has a good answer. So which movie can you watch? Tahsan said, I can not say now. & # 39; If one day & # 39; my first photo

He got a very good response too. It's love and emotional photos. I have received many types of feedback and the audience is getting it. Almost everything is positive. Then think about the next photo. Because the expectation of me is the same as the public. So when I get the script and the character of the mind, I'm just going to act in the movie. Now, what is the state of the music world? Tahsan replied that the current state of music is good. Because there are good platforms now. In addition, the sponsors are investing in good music. Anyone on YouTube can advertise their work to the public. I will not say there is no negative side. But the positive side must be taken. I am hopeful with our music industry.

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