Hrithik joining the public forum


Recently, at least three well-known political leaders and nearly ten former army officers joined the ganoforama of the National Unity Forum.

Changing the party of political leaders is not new in the country. In most cases, these party changes are seen by the desire to be a major political party of small parties. Or to attract power or ministry.

But why is the group's participation now after the Ghana Forum is a small group?

Former Awami League leader Abu Sayyed has joined the last public rally on the ballot box.

He is now a nominee of the United National Front and is selecting the BNP Rice Rice symbol at Pabna Fence and the Sainthia area.

In 1996, he was the Minister of State for Information of the Awami League Government. During the interim government supported by the army, he became acquainted with the Awami League as a reformist and then left the party.

Earlier, some of the former leaders of the Awami League joined Ganoforam.

Ghana's leaders say their party is in the long politics of 25 years before the election, many of them are packed into the team.

Political analyst Prof Dilara Chowdhury said there is no ideology or any other subject except to get a spot in the polls behind the fray.

"They are going to the seat, which will leave their place because of the BNP and Dr. Kamal Hossain, now the people's forum name has hit the mainstream, going to this public forum just to get the seat, and I can not find any reason. "

"It's a bit shameful to go straight to the BNP.If you've been bad all over the BNP so far, the people in your neighborhood will also criticize you if you suddenly go to the BNP."

"Those who have been through the umbrella of the Awami League for so long, it is difficult for them to go to the BNP suddenly, so they are rushing to the public procession and the people's forum leaders have already been in the Awami League."

Ghana Faram was elected as the electoral shield without being able to nominate the Awami League or join JanorFor's former party to maintain a secure stance in politics.

Many other analysts believe that although Ganoform is a small part, the BNP was led by it in the absence of two of the top leaders because of the acceptability of Dr. Kamal Hossain in the political arena of the West and Western countries. There are many leaders of the Awami League taking advantage of BNP's voting bank in the elections, joining Dr. Gonoforam of Dr. Hossain.

Analysts say that's a reason, Dr. Kamal Hossain formed a separate party after leaving the Awami League in the early 1990s. As a result, former Awami League leaders who went to GonoForm for them, it was easy and there was a very secure position in politics.

The executive vice president of Ganoforam Subrata Chowdhury also thinks that many people can now join their team to the seat.

"There are a lot of people who go to an office in the morning, if there is no indication, we go to another office in the afternoon, we saw the same in the previous elections. We are striving to start a healthy trend that can not be done with a single election."

But the people's forum is also contesting from other parties, he said on this issue, "We are picking up people who are interested now, but not everyone is named."

At the same time, the leader of the Ghana Forum said that many people are coming because of the leadership of their leaders.

A few days ago, Reza Kibria, the son of former Awami League Minister of Economy Shah M Kibria, joined Ganoforma.

Another Awami League leader and DUCSU vice president, Sultan Mohammad Mansur Ahmed, went to Ganoforam. Ten former military officers were also seen joining the public forum.

However, the assassination of Shah M S Kibria took place during the government led by the BNP. Some BNP leaders were charged in the murder case. In view of this, Reza Kibria joined Ganoforma and saw the election of the alliance BNP Shees symbol as a big surprise, as many analysts saw.

However, Reza Kibria said he went to Ganofor because of ideology.

It was not possible to speak with Abu Sayyed.


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