How to break the code of conduct


Since the announcement of the electoral calendar, political parties have begun preparations for the polls. But to prepare for these preparations, allegations of a breach of the code of conduct have been made public aloud.

Although, according to the Code of Conduct, after the announcement of the timetable, the promotion of symbols was prohibited on the one hand until the distribution of symbols, on the other hand, the use of government facilities was prohibited in the electoral campaign of ministers, ministers of state or prefectures.

But what is the reality? And how is the level of opportunity available to the electoral field or to all parties?

Municipality of Narsingdi. The Awami League's election preparation meeting in Narsinghdi city is taking place in an auditorium of the building. At the meeting, leaders and workers gather after the slogan of the boat's marker. Local MP and Minister of Water Resources Nazrul Islam Hiru attended the afternoon meeting.

One sees that he arrived at the place of the flag hoisting in the private car.

After a brief wait, the Sadar OC Police Station was leaving the meeting.

At the end of the meeting, talking to the minister of water resources. He does not appear to have violated any code of conduct based on his election meeting.

He said: "Flag is an identity of my ministry, but the car is my personal, I am not taking any special privilege here, where the code of conduct is not violated."

However, the state minister of water resources demanded that the police of Sadar thana does not know anything about the presence of the officer.

"I did not call him here, I do not know why he came, but the state has a responsibility to provide security to a minister, he may have come to work, no mistake, did you see that I consulted the police officer?"

Although the reality is that the police OC remained for some time. Even after leaving the meeting, he is seen waiting outside the venue until the meeting is over.

Police in charge of Narsingdi Sadar police station, Mohammad Narsingdi, spoke about the police officer's presence at the polling station and his off-site presence. With Syeduzzaman

He, however, claimed that he knew nothing about the presence of the minister on the spot.

"I did not come to the minister, I came to the mayor to do a job, I did not know the minister would come here."

The District Returns Officer declined to comment after contacting the national flag and the local Awami League leader-workers to attend that meeting, whether or not they were breaking the code of conduct at the polls.

However, the idea of ​​the festival among the leaders and local workers of the Awami League was very clear.

Although earlier, when I went to the BNP district office, I saw opposite images of BNP leaders and employees present there.

Fatema Yasmin, deputy secretary of the Narsingdi district, Jatiya Jatiya Mahila Dal, said they still could not begin to prepare for the election.

"We're not ready to prepare yet." The police come repeatedly and also arrests. There is no judicial meeting in the area outside the party's office.

BNP district president Khairul Kabir Khokan said the cases and arrest cases still happen after the announcement of the timeline of the elections.

"Awami League is holding meetings here, meetings are going on, they will be able to do everything, but we can not do it, it can not be like that." Level playing field is not there at all, we are talking about & # 39; Nohoyar, then we are interrupting the internal meeting. It is very difficult to choose in this environment. "

After Narsingdi, I also visited different places in Dhaka. In many areas, the banner-garland of the election hangs.

Although the directive to remove these posters from the Electoral Commission on November 18 in many cases is not accepted.

But is the Electoral Commission doing its duty? What are the possible candidates in violation of electoral violation or in the Electoral Commission?

In particular, I spoke about Election Code Secretary Helaluddin Ahmed on the rules and regulations of the parliamentary and parliamentary elections in Narsingdi before the elections.

He said: "As long as no minister or any other VIP person submits his nomination documents or is nominated by the party, he is not a candidate, he can not use government flag or car or any other facility when the candidate is announced. ; & # 39;

Although former election commissioner M Sakhawat Hossain has said that since the announcement of the timeline, political parties and potential candidates fit the code of conduct.

Prohibition, confrontation, etc. are prohibited from the time the Code of Conduct is in force and at this time no one may take ministerial flags or any other official facility at the election meeting.

Despite the announcement of the timeline, front-line representatives, including BNP and BNP, were released after the arrest of party-worker leaders, up to potential candidates, or allegations of harassment.

They gave specific recommendations to the Electoral Commission in writing on the requirements of the administration. Basically, despite allegations made by the perception that there are no equal opportunities for everyone in the election, the Electoral Commission says that all arrangements are being made to maintain a level playing field.

"We instruct law enforcement agencies not to bother us unnecessarily, we are making every effort to visualize a level playing field." Executive magistrates were asked to apply the law even if they broke the code of conduct. "

But the reality is that the Electoral Commission directive is not working at the grassroots level for the neutral electoral environment.

Even the Commission's honesty is also suspected of a fair election.

In such a situation, it is believed that the Electoral Commission will face a major test to create equal opportunity in elections to all parties with confidence.


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