Group champion Portugal in tie with Italy


Italy failed to break Portugal's presidency despite being pressured throughout the game. On Saturday (17 November), the UEFA Champions League effectively prevented former world champions, the current Euro champions. But the game was 0-0 in the draw, but the group champion went to Portugal

After the Group 3 game in the San Siro league, Italy, under pressure, has a chance to move in the fourth minute. But the ball was deflected by Lawrence Inseini.

Italy had a chance after 32 minutes and 35 minutes, but the excellent performance of the goalkeeper did not allow them to take the opportunity.

Italy invests for 12 games against Portugal at home However, the hosts have won 10 of the last 11 games.

The points of Portugal 7 in two games and a tie in three matches. Italy scored 5 points in a win and two draws in four matches.

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