Google removes 13 popular applications from your dgtl game store


Google has removed 13 popular apps from your Play Store. These 13 apps have been downloaded 5,660,000 times from the Google Play Store. But these applications can attack malware on the smartphone, with the logical reason that this action was taken from Google.

Lucas Stefcono, a malware specialist for the anti-virus-based antivirus organization, took the issue to a tweet.

The full name of the malware is malicious software. That is, it is a software program that can cause damage or damage if you enter a smartphone or computer for some reason. This type of software can also leak or pick up personal information.

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Stefanko said that even if he does not do anything directly, these applications ask to download and install a file called & # 39; Game Center & # 39;. This is the main danger. When downloaded, unlocking the cell phone, the user's mobile screen is displayed in different ads. The phone has been damaged so the phone

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Google has decided to remove 13 apps from the Play Store for this reason. Among the 13 applications, popular gaming applications like truck load simulators, car steering simulators, extreme car steering, extreme bikes Two of the applications were at the top of popularity. All of these applications are known to developers like Luiz and Pinto.

Although such incidents did not happen for the first time Google removed last year's seven million harmful apps from the Play Store.


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