Google removed 13 popular apps from the Play Store


Using Android Smartphone So it's good to know about this information. 13 apps have been removed from the Google Play Store. Google claims that malware is harming smartphones across all these applications. This step is to stop it.

In the tweet of the ESET malware researcher, Lucas Stefunko, it is known that some terrible applications on the market are roaming, which can damage the smartphone. Your personal information may leak. He said more than 560,000 downloads were downloaded from the Google Play Store, 13 apps. And all these applications were created by a single development company. Of the 13, there were two apps in the Play Store in the trends section. After being advised on the subject, Google decided to remove 13 applications from the Play Store, TechGiant Google

How does malware enter your phone through apps? Researchers say these 13 applications do nothing directly. Instead of asking you to download and install an APK called Game Center. After downloading, hide the application icon on your phone. Then unlocked the cell phone, the user appeared on the cell phone screen, the various ads The phone was damaged so the phone Lucas posted a video showing how the application works. However, Google has already removed the new game from the App Store for Android users so they do not have problems.

This malware is spreading from some applications. Games applications like truck loading simulators, car steering simulators, extreme car steering, extreme motile cross were at its core. Interestingly, the ratings of these applications in the PlayStore are very good. However, nowadays, Android smartphone users will not have to face any other risk. Although such incidents did not happen for the first time last year, Google eliminated seven million harmful apps from the Play Store.


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