Wednesday , April 14 2021

Germany beat Russia 3-0 in friendly

Germany beat Russia 3-0 in international friendlies Germany won the Red Bull Arena title in Leipzig on Thursday night.

Germany made three goals for Liverpool, Nicolas Suele and Sergio Jenabreri. Three goals scored in the first half of the game.

Germany were ahead in the eighth minute of the game. The Manchester City side, Leroy Sanak, passed the ball with a ball of janabreri. Having secured the ball, he scored his first goal for Germany.

The Bayern Munich defensive midfielder doubled the deficit in Sule in the 25th minute. He scored a goal in the corner.

Later, Sergio Jenabreri scored the third goal of Germany and scored the goal in 40 minutes.

No team scored in the second half. Then the German team left the field winning by 3×0.

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