Gangachara Upazila President Bablu is the independent candidate


Own reporter, Rangpur: Asaduzzaman Bablu will contest the nomination of Rangpur-1 (Gangachara) for his eleventh parliamentary election and will run as an independent candidate without the appointment of the Awami League.

Earlier, he resigned as chairman of Gangachara Upazila Parishad.

Confirming the resignation of the Upazila president, Bablu said that on November 22, the resignation letter was given to the Senior Secretary of the Local Government Division through the deputy commissioner. Rangpur's deputy commissioner, Enamul Habib, accepted the resignation, but declined to comment.

Asaduzzaman Bablu wanted the Awami League nomination for the Rangpur-1 electorate. She also attended an interview with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the prime minister. But as a candidate for the grand alliance, the Minister of State for Rural Development and Co-operatives and the President of the Jatiya Party, Moshiur Rahman, have decided to nominate Bablu as a candidate for the election as an independent candidate.

When contacted, Asaduzzaman Bablu said that he has already sent the resignation letter to the deputy commissioner. They resigned because they were part of the national parliamentary elections. Preparing to be elected as an independent candidate.

League leader Upazila Awami, dissatisfied with the name's spreading, said that before getting the Awami League nomination in the Upazila Parishad elections, Asaduzzaman Bablu was elected President of Upazila by defeating the Awami League candidate candidate Ruhul Amin, as an independent candidate. He was expelled from the Awami League because he disobeyed the party's decision.

The secretary general of the Awami District League, lawyer Rezaul Karim Raju, said that his expulsion was canceled. He said that although his expulsion has been withdrawn, he is also a general member of the Awami League.

The talks are under way in Gangachara upazila due to the resignation of the position of president of Upazila.

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