Fire in the Jatrabari building, 9 units in control


A fire broke out in a building in the Kutubkhali area of ​​Jutrabari. Firefighters nine units are working to control the fire.

A madrasa student was found stuck on the 6th and 7th floors of the building. The cause of the fire was not immediately known.

The start of the fire on Wednesday (April 17) at 12:55 in the morning. The fire was not under control for 1 to 6 minutes.

Mahfouz Reben confirmed the Jago News.

He said four alarms were sent to the news after hearing about the fire. Later, five more units were shipped in phases.

Earlier, on March 28, one person was killed and 25 people were injured in a devastating fire at Faruk Rupayan (FR), at 17 th Street near Kamal Ataturk Avenue in Banani. Another 73 people were injured.

Just two days after the fire in the Gulshan-1 DNCC market. The market's raw market burns to ashes on fire. On the night of February 20, 71 people were killed in the Chukhatar fire in Chawkbazar. Many injured



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