Fakir Alamgir's new song on May Day


Entertainment reporter: Famous musician from Bangladesh, Fakir Alamgir. He has many contributions in public music and national pop music. It played a special role in the mass upsurge of the 1969 mass outbreak.

In 1971, the artist joined the Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra as a voice soldier in the war of liberation. He sang songs written in the historical context of the workers. On the occasion of May, Fakir Alamgir gave voice to a new song.

Recently a recording of the song titled "Love You" was completed in a studio in the capital. "I love you sweaty poetry nownata / love you are in bondage with humanity / love you hungry night kissing / love you have a daily life move" – ​​Writes Limon Ahmed. Abhijit Jitu composed the music.

In this context, Fakir Alamgir said: "After a long time, I sing basic songs on a special day." This song of different types of workers has been fascinated by the hard work of the workers. Like, I'll be satisfied.

The singer Limon Ahmed said: "I pay tribute to all the workers of the world through this music.The music was created at a slightly different angle.Where every man will be motivated to become aware of the rights of the other and deserve respect, evaluating oneself I'm happy to write this song for your voice.

International Labor Day will be held the following day. On this day, the music video "Love You" is known to be released on Youtube from CD Vision all the way through the digital.

Risingbd / Dhaka / April 21, 2015 / Rahat / Calm


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