Wednesday , September 22 2021

Excluding history, Dhoni Chennai

Indians from Mumbai, Delhi Capitals and Bangalore are in the top three with 14 points. Calcutta scored 12 points. Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan 10 points. Kolkata and Punjab have three matches left. And the two remaining matches in Rajasthan. Sunrisers Hyderabad, who scored eight points equal to Chennai, also has 3 games left.
If Chennai scores 4 points in the two remaining matches, they will have 12 points. But Calcutta, Punjab and Rajasthan, with whom they are competing, will also face each other at this time. As a result, either team will score 14 points. As the three teams have already scored 14 points, getting 14 points in Calcutta, Rajasthan or Punjab does not mean that Chennai has any advantage in getting 12 points.

The biggest star of the IPL did not understand. Maybe that’s why he popped the balloon of hope like that before yesterday’s departure. Instead, it required supporters to forget about the team’s position in the IPL and just enjoy the game, ‘they should enjoy the game without thinking where they are at the table. If you cannot enjoy the game, it will become very cruel and painful. I am happy with the way young people responded (to criticism). ‘

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