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Drug remedies are removed from the World Cup team

Alex Hales received a greater punishment for sin. The cricket player was removed from the England team at the World Cup. The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) banned Helsques for three weeks to take drugs. The Cricket Control Council in India (BCCI) said it had decided to exclude Helsinki from board director Ashley Giles and scouts Ed Smith. The importance of creating a desired environment within the group was given.
Last week, he made a surprise decision to move away from the game in front of a big stage like the World Cup, Alex Hales. It was a crackdown on cricket fans around the world. It has been said that Hales, like former English cricketer Marcus Tracecothick, Jonathan Trott, is suffering from mental retardation. But Helles Gomer leaked the English Guardian newspaper. It is reported that Alex Hales, who does not suffer from depression, has been suspended for three weeks for drug abuse. Alex Hales left the England tour in 2016 for security reasons. Although the English batsman came to play Rangpur riders from the last Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) Heels was included in the team as open-up with Jason Ryan and Jonny Bairstow. In a statement on Nottinghamshire's Helsinki County team website last week, he said: "Alex Hales is temporarily interrupting cricket for personal reasons. He can not say when he will return." But the English newspaper Guardian said he was arrested by the England and Wales Cricket Commission (ECB) after taking drugs. He has been positively on the Dope Test twice. According to the rules, the fine for three weeks of penalties and 5% of annual salary is good.
England will face South Africa in the opening match of the World Cup on May 30. The England team will start training in Cardiff next week. England will play a bilateral series against Pakistan before the World Cup.

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