Do not forget to get the job done during the storm



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Now Kalbeshakhi season From sunrise to rain and thunderstorms again But this storm can be deadly.

The most dangerous in nature is March, April, May and June. In the months to months, storms, hailstorms and lightning struck frequently. Eight people, including two women, were killed in a tree, hit by bricks, wallchapa and boat on Sunday in Dhaka on Sunday.

Every year many people died in lightning and lightning from thunderstorms in Dhaka and Dhaka. But if you are a little conscious, then you can save your life from the storm.

Generally, storms occur in most countries between March and May and from October to November. During the storm, the Meteorology Department advised it to shelter ashore and stay away from tall trees or power lines.

At the time, while away from the window, avoiding metallic objects, not receiving TV refrigerators, not getting in the car, and also not being allowed to walk empty feet.

What is thunder?

The air temperature in the atmosphere is smaller than the soil surface. In this situation, when hot weather rises rapidly, the air is exposed to air. When the hot weather is cold, the storm is created due to the agitation of the process. Only storms occurred. Almost every day casualties occur in different parts of the country due to this storm.

We will not know what to do with the storm –

Take shelter under the building or tree without frequent storms.

2 Refrain from spying on the windows of the house during lightening. At this time, stay away from contact with house metal, stairs, pipes, etc.

3 Avoid all electrical appliances that are connected with lightning during the storm. Keep the plug in the socket. Touch, TV, refrigerator etc are neither palpable.

4 If you are in the vehicle during lightning, try to return home quickly. If there are heavy storms and rains, wait until the car remains on a porch or underground shelter.

5 When the rain rains, the water can get wet. Often the electricity can be torn apart by it, accidents can fall into the water.

6 During lightning, it is very dangerous to wear wet shoes or bare feet on the skin. If you want to go out by yourself, the rubber gamboot will work best in this case.

7 You can call 999 for quick access to the police, ambulance and fire department.

During the storm, you will have to be careful with the road. If someone gets hurt, try to send him to the hospital without delay. However, if any of the electricians touch their hands during the event itself, they too will be at risk.

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