Cricket World Cup opening ceremony, not in the field!


Here will be the inaugural ceremony of the World Cup. Photo: ICC

The opening ceremony of the World Cup is not in the field. The mall is being organized. The famous place is very proud of the British.

The last World Cup in England was in 1999. Twenty years ago, the inaugural World Cup event was in Legegore due to rain. Cricket pilgrims were made to show rain at the Lord's ceremony. Organizers do not want to be sad about not opening the opening ceremony. Now, the organizers do not want to do the opening ceremony, as usual, the organizers. The ICC said today that the inaugural event of the Cricket World Cup will be held in the field, mainly in The Mail.

The mall is a place of pride for the British. The British chose this place in London for a big party. Here they celebrated the victory of World War II. This is the celebration of the golden jubilee of the rise of Queen Elizabeth. The reception of foreign heads is also here. The ICC is also choosing the British venue, the World Cup will be opened by The Mail.

The World Cup begins on May 30 with the England-South Africa Oval game. The day before, this is the opening ceremony of the World Cup in May, on May 29. The ceremony will be left behind Buckingham Palace. The ICC has already announced the announcement of the event as the "most spectacular opening ceremony of World Cup cricket history." Local time from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (from 10:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Bangladesh time) – At this time there will be lots of sports, songs full of music. Four thousand lucky visitors, who will be selected through the lottery, will enjoy the big party. This event will be broadcast live in one hour.

Steve Elworthy, managing director of the World Cup organizing committee, said in a statement: "We will show the world why they will enjoy cricket in the next 45 days." Let's celebrate the diversity of the World Cup, Cricket and Sports.


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