Comments drunk against drunken Trump Maradona


Rebels again in the debate. Photo: AFP

After a few days, not being noticed by bizarre tastes or discursive remarks, it can not be. The president of the United States, Donald Trump, also did not escape from Maradona's point of view.

That day there was a match between Tamapico Madero and Maradona Dorados de Cinélova. Maradona's team, who won the match 3-2, reached fourth place in the Mexican second division league. After the match, in the dressing room of the staff, probably having drunk a little more, Maradona did. Drunken Maradona has become politician in the eye of the press conference! Talking about football, he washed the trumpet while talking about the internal political turmoil between the United States and Venezuela.

Maradona's Daharam-Mahram is not new to the leftist leaders of South America. There was a time when Cuban President Fidel Castro called his "second father." He used to travel regularly to the Cuban capital, Havana. He used to stay there for a long time. He recently recognized two children born to a woman as his own. Now Madison Maduro's cup is now a close friend of Maradona. A few days ago, in Venezuela, he participated in the election campaign of his friend Maduro. The United States rejected the result of the election, stating that the election was illegal. At the moment, Venezuela is undergoing an intense political and economic crisis. In the United States, actively against Maduro, the country's opposition leader, Huan Guardo, was recognized as president. Which did not mean countries like Russia, Turkey and China again. Even the United States was accused of trying to overthrow Maduro in a coup in Venezuela. Maradona made the press conference a full political meeting, saying: "I congratulate Nicholas Maduro and the Venezuelan people for this victory. Those who are suffering a lot now.

Trump, who took on Maradona's assurances to support Maduro, says, "The United States considers itself the world's sheriff (boss)." Everyone tells them they have the most powerful bombs in the world. play it somewhere. But remember, let's not let that happen to us.

Maradona not receiving the discount by making comments so controversial. The Mexican Football Federation said in a statement that the Committee for the Protection of its Discipline began investigating the comments made by Maradona. Under the law of the Federation, everyone involved in football must be neutral in political and religious matters. The legendary Argentine soccer player can be exiled if found guilty in the investigation. Or maybe financial penalty.

Maradona is the companion of the debate forever!


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