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Actress and model of independence. The film also played alongside the small screen. But there was a long pause in the middle of the movie. Now, after the break, the actress-model Swagata returns to the movie again. This actress will be seen in a movie entitled & # 39; Human Garden & # 39 ;, by Nurul Alam Atiq.

He finished filming the movie, he said. She is currently dubbing the movie. After a long time, this great actress, who works in the film, is very excited.

Swagata said, "I've worked with Atik Bhai before in the drama. As a producer, he has a great word.
But I do not want to say what my character is in the picture. I can not say anything because of the manufacturer's restriction. Just say, I can see the new audience.

In 2007, Swagata played the first heroine against the late hero Manna in the movie "Enemy Enemy Game". This film was also the most popular actress Moushumi. At that time, commercially, the film responded well. The first picture was won by the viewers.

The last photo of Welcome's launch is Ajant Maan & # 39; scored by Kazi Hayat. In this he played against Kazi Maruf. She finished taking a photo titled "See the starting line" in 2014. But the film has not yet been released due to several reasons.

She expressed her desire to make regular movies when she acquired the character from a good story.

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