Chancellor said the deputy chancellor said: "They are not students, students named militants"


Deputy Foreign Minister Prof. Farid Uddin Ahmed criticized the negative activities of activists at the BCL unit of the Shahjalal University of Science and Technology.

He said that compared to other universities, our university campus is small, but due to the negative activities of BCL, we have to head the media again.

Speaking as the main guest at a discussion meeting organized on the occasion of the Great Liberation and National Day at the University's Mini Auditorium, he said so.

Recently, Chhatra League leader Rajeev Sarkar criticized the attack by BCL leaders and activists, saying that Chhatra League leaders attacked Rajeeb for a few days, hit him and hit him. They are not students, students called militants. Those who want to destroy the reputation of the university, want to ban the government, their place will not be in this university.

He said, you never got to the demands of the students. Come share the development work, to avoid the development work. You get out of fighting, violence. Receive the demands of the students. We will make full cooperation.

Professor Chairman of the Teachers' Association of Dr. Shabi In the chairmanship of SM Saiful Islamare, general secretary of the association of teachers Anwar Hossain, professor member of the union. Md. Zahir Bin Alam, dean of the professor of social sciences Dr. Md. Abdul Gani, professor doctor of the center of excellence. Md. Akhtarul Islam, Student Counselor and Director of Professor Dr. Md. Rashed Talukder also said.



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