Celebration of the First Boishakh in Florida by Artisan Enterprises


For the fifth time in the "artisans" initiative in Florida, USA, in the enthusiasm and enthusiasm, the Bengali New Year 1426. Local time, around 3:30 pm, the program began with the song "Ao hai Baishakh Aso Aso & # 39; from the poem of Rabindranath Tagore Rabindranath Tagore in the voice of Bryant Park adjacent to Lake Worth of Inter-Coastal West Pambeck.

More than 70 artists participated in small and large shows. One of the singing songs of the Panchayat Kabir Song of Bengal is performed. Samia Rahman Lira and Nandini Bhowmik were present at the show. In the afternoon, at 5:00 pm, Kia Rosario, Mangal Shobha, the opening of the stage on stage for the craftsman inaugurated Mangal Shobha.

He said: "This Mangrove Shobha Jatra" will ask that all evils arise and advance to the new joy. At that time the fair will be held in the color of mangrove shobha yatra with the color of Bengal dhum – the small and the smallest people present in various masks and colored bands and garlands Decorated all fair yard and decorated artisan Baishakhi.

Later, singers, group dances and songs were sung at the time: Manhaha, Muniba, Lamia, Afra, Raika, Samara, Asita, Joyita, Arana, Ahana, Samira Jahangir, Joyita, Rafi, Pavitta, Debjani and many others participated in the ceremony. .

Mirza Abdul Awal and guest artist Merina Majumder and Sohag Uddin played solo music. In his own writing and writing, he recited the traditional Bengal holes. Roksana Sharifa and Mahbubur Rahman. Tipu Alam, Mofazzal Ron, Devjyoti, Anik De, Nandini Bhowmik and Farzana Khandakar Tanvi – presented the & # 39; Gain Team & # 39; of artists with five artists who enjoyed different musical performances that benefited viewers.

At 7:00 p.m., Jatra Palaya & # 39; Love like salt & # 39; was attended by director of cultural artists and director of artisans Chitra Sultana, directed by Nourin and the music of Shawkat Ali Imon, which was praised by the public. Sohaguddin presented the song of conscience, and sang the special songs as the special guest, Lohi, Nandini, Rony Mofazzal, Ripon, Devojoyati, Pavitta, Lamia, Ilma, Asadul, Ishraq, Rafi, Kavya, Arnab and Debjani.

Popular artist Rozina Karim Khan, who arrived on stage at 8pm, played the music of Shawkat Ali Emon and played her newly released songs. Almost thousands of visitors arrived at the fair, there were a crowd of visitors coming to the fair in the tents of different types of goods, including food stores.

The main sponsor of the event was Festival.com, Global Health Academy and Co-sponsor of Miami Distribution. Chitra Silitana was in the general direction, direction and decoration of the stage of the program. He called on the people to be with the craftsman in the future, mentioning a milestone in the participation of the new generation of quality cultural programs to promote the native culture abroad.

Those who worked tirelessly to make the program beautiful and successful, are – Artisan Mirza Abdul Awal, Tipu Alam, Shahin Chowdhury, Emon Karim, Debashis, Anik, Mofazzal Rony, Devjyogati Sen, Abdullah Ripon, Rashed Kalaam, Atikuzzaman Rony, Arc Prince, Malsari Khanam Seema, Chowdhury Kakali, Rima Tahmida Anis, Chowdhury Fatema, Iffat Sorte, Nadira, Devjani, Palsha and others.

The organizers organized by the artisans, the spontaneous presence of all cultural, social and political parties, including Bangladesh Florida Association, Dhaka Florida Club, Ekatera Florida, Bangladesh Florida Club, AB Pack, make the event even more powerful.

The Consultative Council said that the culture, culture and heritage of Bangladesh will remain with the artisan, expressing confidence that the new generation will be further expanded. Sultan Salahuddin Ahmed, Atikuk Rahman, Junaid Akhtar, Malsari Khanam and Dr. Ehsanul Karim


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