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BRTA wants to buy 700 cars to take the driver's test


The Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) has carried out the project to purchase 700 different types of vehicles to take the driver test. But experts say that this will not be beneficial for the driver to buy vehicles for himself, but these vehicles will become the burden of the organization later. These tests were used by designated driving schools in different countries around the world, using their cars.

Under the Bangladesh Motor Vehicle Law, to obtain a license, the driver must first write written tests. Then the field test (to be shown) must be given. Under the law, applicants will have to load their own vehicles and perform the test. The rule of law is not realistic, experts say. Because there is no chance that all riders will have their own cars. Authorities also do not have enough space to get their own places to go to the test site.

In this situation, BRTA offices have begun hiring for all types of motorcycles, bus-pickups, for a short period of time. For a few minutes, the candidate has to pay rent of one to two hundred rupees. These rental funds control local leaders of the ruling party. One of BRTA's employees and staff is also involved. In January and April, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) team stormed vehicles after two days of raids at the BRTA offices and saw the money collected from the testers by the candidates.

BRTA sources said that after the operation several times, BRTA officials had some panic among the officers. BRTA then handed a letter to the BRTA headquarters to provide own vehicles for the driver examination of the district district of Dhaka. With this formula, the president of BRTA sent a letter to the Ministry of Road Transport seeking a proposal to launch their own vehicles for the driver's exam in March. The ministry advised to make a development project proposal (DPP) to buy the car.

BRTA sources said BRTA is working to create a DPP after consulting with the ministry. Initially, they offered to buy 704 different types of vehicles. Of these, 136 proposals for motorcycles and auto rickshaws and 72 of each category of cars, minibuses, minibuses, buses and trucks were proposed. If the project is implemented, BRTA will be able to obtain the exam fee fees by adding rates to the cars.

BRTA officials said that the Korean subsidiary Koeka helped BRTA with the vehicle suitability verification equipment. In addition to Koeka, they will seek financial support from various international aid agencies for this project.

When asked about the matter, BRTA president Moshiar Rahman said in the light of the first, intermediaries who provide vehicles for people going to the test of the license. In this, the BRTA is being dishonored. Then a committee was formed with BRTA employees to buy their own cars. The committee is working to set the cost of the car and how it will be handled. According to him, BRTA is paying 1,660 crore a year. The government is winning. As a result, it is better to buy a car and then to serve.

In the cities, including Dhaka, attended the 450 drivers of the daily exams
150 people participated in the examinations in the districts
Number of driving schools approved by BRTA is 128
Due to lack of maintenance, it is feared that it will be lost due to maintenance
Cars can be understood later

The BRTA president said the car would need more cars in Dhaka and Chittagong due to lack of maintenance and the possibility of misuse. And spread through the country offices. As a result, there will be no maintenance issues. It will not be misused.

But BRTA sources say BRT has less manpower. Most of the organization's offices do not have their own place. They manage the BRTC Depot, the district administration campus, or the small-scale office in their own building. As a result, maintaining and maintaining these vehicles will be a major problem. In the absence of maintenance, vehicles are likely to be lost in a short time, just as these drivers can take them for their own use. As a result, it is doubtful how rewarding the project will be. Eventually, it is feared to become a & # 39; shopping project & # 39 ;.

According to BRTA sources, the BRTA BRTC bus depot in Dhaka, Uttara and Keranigonj examined the license of professional and amateur drivers every day at the BRTA office. There is also a daily survey of the Chittagong office on the outskirts of Dhaka. And two or more exams are held in other cities of the district in the month. As part of BRTA, currently in the city of Dhaka, about 400 people participated in the test. 150 people participated in the districts Among them, some motorcycle drivers have their own vehicle. The remainder of the 500 examinees tested on the rented vehicle. Each car rental costing 150 taka is to pay about 75,000 rupees a day.

BRTA officials say that 80% of people who take the autoobari license exam have their own cars. Truck-bus testers can not get the same from the owner if they want. Many people take the licensing test before they go abroad. They do not even have a car. As a result, the obligation to turn the car into law is ineffective. And it is not possible to give the place when everyone comes with the car. The car rental business is underway due to this law and mercantile reality.

BRTA approves driving schools with a flat rate. So far, the number of affiliated driving schools in the company is 128. But they did not have the ability to create drivers or assist in testing. But experts say BRTA can solve ongoing problems by implementing these driving schools. But they are not going the way they are going on the shopping path. Long-term maintenance costs will occur after purchases.

Transport expert Shamsul Haque said at first glance that there is a problem in the licensing process in Bangladesh. Licensed to run on the street. And BRTA does a little test in their office. The rules around the world are that the apprentice pilot should attend the exam with an approved driving school training. During the examination, the instructor will be with the examiner. Driving School Provides Driving School He said that if the government wants to buy the test and buy the car, it will be overwhelmed with a huge cost burden for the organization.

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