Bombings of Sri Lanka series, two Bangladeshi missing


Bombings of Sri Lanka series, two Bangladeshi missing

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Two tourists from Bangladesh, including a child, can not be found after the bombing of the church and the luxury hotel in Sri Lanka simultaneously. Foreign Minister Shahriar Alam told a news conference on Sunday.

185 people were killed in the attack while praying on Easter Sunday. Of which 35 are foreigners.

Shahriar Alam said, two unnamed accountants in Bengali. Others of his family counted. We are trying to know your condition. As soon as we can locate them, we will tell their families.

The minister of state did not reveal the names of these two men immediately. He said he was looking for the Colombo Hotels and Hospitals in search of those two.

Responding to a question, Shahriar Alam said that a group of four Bengalese went to Columbus as a tourist. Two of them were found to be defective, but one child and two were not found.

State Minister Shahriar Alam said: "For the benefit of the information of Bangladesh, the Administrative Officer of the Embassy of Bangladesh, Mozammat Mahmuda Begum, established a focal point in Colombo.

Mahmuda Begum said that after the incident, they are trying to get in touch with all the people of Bangladesh who live in Sri Lanka and ask about them.

If you need any help or information from Bangladesh, call +94712406313 to speak to Mahmudah.

The minister of state said in his statement that the president and the prime minister condemned and lamented the attack in Sri Lanka. They promised to be with the people of Sri Lanka.

He said that peace was achieved after Sri Lanka went through a long time in trouble. As a South Asian country we are with Sri Lanka, I will be there. Our cooperation will continue so that these incidents do not happen anymore.

Meanwhile, no one claimed responsibility for the attack. Three of the hotel's victims and a church in the capital, but the rest are located in Nigmobo and North Colombo. During this time thousands of people prayed for Easter.

It has been reported that St. Anthony in the Cochchikado region of Colombo and 30 kilometers from the capital, St. Sebastian in Nigmobot and another church, 250 kilometers away.

According to sources, the rescue teams try to get rid of the victims.

In the Katawapatiya region of Nigombo, images of an explosion inside the church of San Sebastian were seen on its official Facebook page. It was seen in blood flowing on the church floor. The help of the victims was solicited from ordinary people.

A post written in English on the Facebook page, we have a bomb attack on our church. If any of your family members are present, please go ahead and help.

According to local daily news of the victims, foreign tourists are also there. In Sri Lanka's Buddhist majority, only six percent of Catholics are Catholics.

The Sri Lankan government has already called an emergency meeting after the attack. The country's economic affairs minister, Harsha de Silva, said an emergency meeting was called in a few minutes. Redemption operations are in progress.

He said, I saw the human body scattered. Many people, including foreign nationals, were killed in the victims. Please, everything at home and stay calm.


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