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Bollywood couple

GO News 24 | Entertainment News Posted on: November 15, 018, 09:14 Update: November 15, 2018, 09:17 AM

Bollywood couple

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The new Bollywood couple, Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Singh Wedding ceremony at the Babelillou cottage on Lake Kemo, Italy.

The day before, Mehdi and music programs were performed. It has been heard that Ranveer came to the drama drama Ranly in his movie "Gunda's song" Tune Marie Entry. All of Bollywood is greeted by social media. Although no Dipbir wedding photos or some new comedies did not look public on social media.

The couple have already asked not to send a photo of the wedding ceremony to social media, NDTV said.

Film producer Karan Johar posted on Twitter for the first time wishing the newcomer. "Very bright and beautiful couple." Nazar Vata Lo "Deepika Padukan and Ranveer Singh" Bidai Ho "Love for both, love life and be happy."

The Deepika-Ranvir duo announced their marriage to social media last month after ending up with many speculative fantasies. The couple requested the charitable donation organization & # 39; The Live Profit Leap Foundation & # 39; which donates the gift of the guests.

After returning to Italy in Italy, the couple will return to India on November 21 in the city of Deepika, Bangalore and on November 28 in Mumbai, the greatness will say that NDTV

About six years ago, Deepika-Ranveer was thought to have begun to affection. Though both were silent about it.

They teamed up with the & # 39; Ram Leela & # 39; in 2013, & # 39; Bajirao Mastani & # 39; in 2015 and the controversial final "Padma Bat" released this year. Sanjay Leela Bansali was the director of three films.

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