BNP's seven-day program on the occasion of the Revolution and Solidarity Day


Cloth Kabir Rizvi, party chief of staff, on a press conference on Saturday at the BNP Nayapaltan central office. Photo: NTV

On November 7, the Bangladesh National Party (BNP) announced the seven-day program on the occasion of the Revolution and Solidarity Day.

Cloth Kabir Rizvi, chief secretary-general, announced the program at BNP Nayapaltan's central office on Saturday. BNP Deputy Secretary This information is known from the press release sent to Tiful Islam Tipu.

The announcement was to hold a joint meeting at the headquarters of Naya Paltan, secretary general of the BNP, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, on the upcoming revolutionary and solidarity day. The decision was taken unanimously from 3 November to 10 November, 7 November with seven different activities.

According to the meeting, the flag of the party was to be lifted on November 7, 6 pm, 6 November, on the day of Revolution and Solidarity in the country's offices in Vienna, including the central office of Nayapaltan BNP. On the same day, at 10 o'clock, every leader of the party participates in the reading of wreaths and fateha in the grave of the founder and former president, Ziaur Rahman, beside the national leaders.

The meeting decided to hold a meeting at the Bangladeshi Institute Bangladeshi Auditorium in Ramna, capital on November 8th. They also say that posters and competitions will be released on the day.

They were also informed that on November 7, according to local facilities, the BNP and Associated Organizations will celebrate the celebrations of honorary dignitaries and other programs. Organizations organize photographic exhibitions, cultural shows and composition competitions.


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