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Big decision responsibly, he raised cricketer salaries

He has just taken over as president of BCCI. Sourav Ganguly, the new president-elect, is not in office. He has already fallen in the meantime. From day one, he was involved in the script of Indian cricket.

Meanwhile, the Indian team captain is talking to Virat Kohli. He also held meetings with selected men. Sourav also made a good decision regarding home cricket players, raising the salary of first class players.

He was meeting with national team members and senior cricketers such as Kohli and Rohit Sharma. It was there that he decided to raise the salary of first class cricket players. He made this decision only after discussion with everyone.

There is a lot of difference between first class cricket players and Indian team players. Saurabh seems to think so. First class cricketers receive Tk 5,000 per day during the match. Sourav raised that number to 4,000.

Sourav posted a photo after meeting with Kohli and Rohit. BCCI announced the team for the T20 series and Test against Bangladesh. Earlier, Sourav had negotiated with the selection committee.

However, the future of MS Dhoni has not been determined. Indian coach Ravi Shastri was not at the meeting.

Meanwhile, Sourav became president of BCCI last week. He had been warming up so long. He officially assumed responsibility at the annual general board meeting last Wednesday. Saurabh will take over the next nine months.

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