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Benzema on the list of legends of Rial – Share Biz

Sports Desk: Since leaving Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo has been able to meet Juventus since he was able to meet again. He can play again as a full-fledged striker. He scored two goals against the continuation of the Copa del Rey quarter-finals in the continuation. In the semifinals of the tournament, they won the Madrid Club 3-1 in the semifinals. Meanwhile, France's striker for the NU-camp shirt lifted the Serad queue
In the history of Real Madrid, Hugo Sánchez, Pako Janto or Emilio Boutraguerano had much importance in the history of Real Madrid. Benzema was behind the legends of the previous two goals. Now the French striker, the top scorers of Real Madrid are with fewer than five players.
In the second leg of the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey Re King, two goals in the last 27 and 43 minutes, Real Madrid's top scorer, he took on Mexican striker Hugo Sanchez at the top of Benzema. Previously, in 1985, during the seven years of Realy, in 282 matches, Sanchez scored 208. Benzema, who came to the 2009 Royal for the French Olympic leo club, scored 449 in 209 matches.
Real Madrid have scored 33 goals, while Benjamin Ferrank Puscus, who scored the number 242 goal for Real, will recover Benzema. Legends like Francesco & Pacco & # 39; Janto and Emilio Boutraguerano scored 182 and 171 respectively. In the list of the highest scorer, Benzema is now only Puskas (242), Santilana (290), Alfred de Stefano (308), Raúl Gonzales (323) and Cristiano Ronaldo (450).
After returning to the attacker's place, the older Benzema is seen. Real Madrid have so far scored 17 goals this season.

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