Belgium did not reach the top of Belgium


The game was skewed to Belgium for 20 minutes. Eden Hazarda led 2-0. But the Swiss did not leave. Instead, they were in the UEFA Cup with a terrible nightmare for Belgium, who won their places. Having made an incredible record of return of fight, the Swiss won the game 5-2.

On Monday (November 19), the first time in the match (68 seconds) scored the Swiss goal defeated the Belgian Thorgan Hazard. At 17 minutes he again drowned in despair. But the real story of the match still remains.

Defending Belgium with two goals in light patchwork deficit And with a great victory, the Swiss reached the top of the group to move to the top four.

The turn of Switzerland began to rise from the penalty kick of Ricardo Rodriguez. Nasser Chadley of Belgium, injured by Kevin Mbebi Rodriguez is the only player to easily score a goal.

In the 31st minute of the match, the Belgian mesh shaken the Cepherovic helmet The goal of the D-box further increases its spinal cord. A great hat-trick to sit on

At the end of the first half, Rodriguez gave comfort to the Swiss striker to mark a break in the cross of Edmilson Fernandes. Switzerland has more attacks The goal was seen in the 62nd minute. Nico Elwardi scored the goal.

In the last 10 minutes, Switzerland were attacked to overthrow the Belgian defense. At the end of the match, Sepharovich got his hat-trick goal.

In this victory, the two teams of Belgium and Switzerland are nine. However, due to face-to-face confrontation, the UEFA National League has the top four.

Bangladesh Time: 0728 hours, November 19, 2018


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