Before buying pen drive …


PenDrive is now one of the most essential devices. PenDrive is the reliable and lightest medium for data transmission. Based on the type of user that will work, the size of the thumb drive should be corrected. If you have a lot of data with your data, there is 32 to 512 GB for you. The speed of data transfer is one of the most important issues. The USB 3.0 Generation Pendrive is now available in the entire market. The price is a bit higher and can be shared with the lowest 30 megabytes of the top speed of 4.8 gb per second. But the USB 3.0 Generation Pendrive supports laptops or desktops that only provide speed for data transmission, otherwise will work normally in the market, ie in version 2.0 of USB. Before buying, make sure the operating system will work on the operating system if it supports the pen drive version. Generally, every pen drive supports Windows 10 of all versions of the Windows operating system of Windows XP. If you are a Linux or IOS user, make sure you buy it later. Many people search the brand's pen drive. Transsexual, data, apache, pen drive from HP brand is the most in the market. In most cases, the Chinese brand's low-end pen drive can not properly store data and data transfer is very slowly. In this case, you can choose between warranty and your favorite pen drive.

You can get 8GB pendrive from 500-650 taka on the market. The price of the 16 GB pendrive will be between 1000-1250. Those who are looking for a little more data, the PenDrive will be able to get 32GB pendrive in 1600-2000. One thing to know, however, is that the cost transfer rate of the entire pendrive gets slow after using a specific time period, no matter how expensive or good the pen drive of a brand. In that case, it is better to buy another pen drive for better speed.


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