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Barun-Roshake Joyya Protea, the first point! Have visitors returned the ticket price?


South Africa hopes to reach the semifinals of the Cricket World Cup The last 6 games have been won. But on Monday afternoon he was gone, too. But at the same time, the first point of this World Cup is also at home. In the South African game against the West Indies in the Rose Bowl, only 45 balls are scored. The rain took possession of the field after the rain

However, this heavy rain in Hampshire probably saved most of Proteas' shyness. With regard to the game, South Africa was contested for 29 races at 7.3 overs. Sheldon Cottrell could not handle the tremendous pace of Hashim Amla and Eden Markrame. But after the incomprehension of the West Indies' referees, the rain took its points after the error.

West Indies will return to the Rose Bowl against England on Friday and South Africa, who still can not win the tournament and can finish the group stage of the Group, will face Afghanistan near Cardiff that day.

But due to one of the biggest rains, fans are increasingly angry with the ICC. However, on Monday, just over 7.3 overs, they will have the full meaning of the ticket, excluding at least the tax. ICC Policy on this issue

1 If you play 15 overs or less due to rain – the total price of the ticket will be refunded

2 If rain is thrown from 15.1 overs to 29.5 overs – 50 percent of the ticket except tax will be refunded

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