Tuesday , August 3 2021

Bappi made a mistake against joint productions – 728009 | Kaler Kantho

Bappi Chowdhury, the hero of the movement against joint productions in the movie "Family & # 39; The family ensures that if joint production is halted, production of cadres will increase in Bangladesh. Bappi felt that the work of the local artisans would increase if the image were increased. Unemployment will decline. But it's the opposite. In the last two years, the image has been reduced at alarming rates. Joint production stopped, but imports of Indian films increased In the joint production film, there were two or four actors – actresses and actresses in the film, who are no longer being made. Bappi expressed anger on the subject. In addition to apologizing, most of the joint productions were made by the president of Jazz Multimedia, Bangladesh, Abdul Aziz. Bappir made his film debut for the organization and Aziz.

Bappi said: "I also fought with the joint production of Bappi Chowdhury, Aziz Bhai, at the hands of the organization.He was my closest person.However, I moved away from this movement.But what? , the film did not grow.The opposite is the opposite.Excuse the brother of Aziz, you are mistaken for understanding.

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