Bangladesh does not want the team to match Bangladesh


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Bangladesh will be playing pre-qualification because they are in 42nd place in the Asian ranking. There may be potential opponents from Bangladesh, Malaysia, Cambodia, Macau, Laos, Bhutan or any other country in Mongolia.

34, is merely a number. But the number of football players in Bangladesh has become disappointing. Because of the first 34 of the 46 countries in Asia, Bangladesh had the opportunity to play 2022 in qualifying for the Qatar World Cup. But under the current position of Bangladesh (42), the pre-selection will be played before Jamal Bhuiyan before qualifying. And if there is a stumble in the great destruction of the country in the country.

Bangladesh will be guaranteed eight international matches if the first phase of pre-qualification qualifies. You can stay with the Queen of the World Cup, running in Nankawasta. But failure can be the extreme price. The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has not announced a schedule for the next four years due to pre-selection. Although the AFC Solidarity Cup was organized last year, the main body of the Asian Football Association was organized.

Russia does not have to worry about the World Cup before Bangladesh The team played in the World Cup qualifying for the World Player of the Tournament in the best 30s. But now I have to play pre-selection. The new FIFA rankings will be announced on April 4 before the draw on April 17. But this brings no benefit. In the world ranking, there is the possibility of reaching 192 to 188, but in the Asian ranking a position may be the position of Bangladesh 41. The result will not avoid pre-choice. And there may be potential opponents from Bangladesh, Malaysia, Cambodia, Macau, Laos, Bhutan or anyone from Mongolia.

If you had the opportunity to choose which team? Curiously, the question was asked by Jamie, coach of Jamie Bangladesh. Professional response from London: "Every team is strong. So I'm looking at the tie for the opponent. "Now, a little is asked, if the team did not get the opponent in the draw?" Listen to Jamie's mouth: "Sure, Malaysia, this group is more powerful among six teams.

Bangladesh has been playing well recently, but the opposition is strong. In the last international friendly match, the Cambodian ground team returned 1-0 to win the title. In addition to the Asian Games and the performance of the Under-23 team, the Ashazagania. Even if the young man waits to reach the final, the coach will accept the fact: "Of course, for Bangladesh, the World Cup selection will not be easy to enter. Pre-selection will be difficult.

However, if the FIFA ranking is good for some games played in recent days, Bangladesh may have been among the top 34 teams in Asia. The plan or the attention needed for this was not visible. There is no right to know when to play matches with FIFA. Pakistan, ranked in the ranking, has scored eight international matches in the next four months. Bangladesh can not take the right planning at the right time, we have to take the pressure of fear.


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