Babar Azam is above all else


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Virat Kohli scored the fastest day score in the smallest format of the game so far. Babar Azam, from Pakistan, crossed the record

Several years ago, Villiers AB from South Africa as its model and the name of India's Virat Kohli was christened Babar Azam. Pakistani cricket player Idlake has a record behind Kohli, who played only 27 innings, reached the milestone in the match Twenty20. Babar was led by the captain of India

Babar was chasing this record for some time. There was a chance to put Kohli back and the only game was for Babar. He used the opportunity very well. In the last T20 match against the Kiwis, the best innings of 79 races in the match, in the fastest time touched a thousand races.

Twenty-five innings and 25 matches were played before the third and final match of the three T-series against Babar Azam Kiwi in the form of a great form. His race collected was 952. More than 48 executions had to be taken in the number of executions. He made the 48 necessary races, with 31 more innings races, 79 innings races, and innings, 47 races won in the New Zealand three-game series.

Australia's Aaron Finch, Kevin Pietersen and Australia's Alex Hales are third, fourth and fifth on the fastest day collectors list. Finn hit the mark in 32 innings and Pietersen and Helles in 32 innings. The other five players in the top 10 are: South African Fable Fleet du Plessis, Chris Gayle of the West Indies, Kane Williamson of New Zealand, Kusal Perera of Sri Lanka and Brendon McCullum. In the 32, 34, 34, 34 and 35 turns, they played a thousand races.

In that disc, Babur made its position a little stronger in the ranking of the scouts of the T20. In the previous game, he scored 40 runs of 41 balls to become the best ranked batter for the third time in Twenty20 this year.

79 Babar's races came in great work. Pakistan beat New Zealand for 47 races After defeating Australia, the Pakistanis showed the credibility of the Qubadulai. They won 9 of the T20 games. The first collapse of Pakistan was 166 in 3 overs. In response, New Zealand was contested for 119 races in 16.5 overs. Slaughterers from Pakistan picked up the last 8 wickets for 23 races were unique


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