Awesome six overs in the rain, a huge storm pressed Russell Magic


The scoreboard says that Royal Challengers Bangalore lost 10 races to Calcutta Knights But it is not saying, what was the reason for Russell's rainy season (65 to 25, two four, nine and six) that gave the ball in the paradise of cricket. The RCB had pursued 213 races in the last five titles and needed the KKR to score 93 races. The next four overs are scored 17, 15, 18, 19. The last 10 needed were 36. Marcus Stoynis made the fifth and sixth ball on the 19th and Russell dropped the score by 24 races in 6 balls.

Virat Kohli had no weapons except spin on the last turn. Yuzbadra Chahal sat for 45 runs in three overs. The other two spinners, Moin Ali and Pavan Negi, Perhaps the southpaw Nitish Rana (85 BC) saw a stroke in the hands of Maine. Rana scored just one run in the first two balls of the turn with just one run. If you can kill six sexes in the remaining four, the word "impossible" would have to be taken seriously by the dictionary.

Former England cricketer Brian Cloze once told the story to his former journalists. Freddie Truman was heading for the title in 1952 in Headingley. India scored four races each. At that time an Indian scout went up to the referee and said that the website screen would be somewhat removed. Want to meet the referees, where do they want to keep the screen? The batter had the answer between me and the pitcher!

Seeing the tone of & # 39; King Kohli & # 39; and "Masal Russell", it looked like the two-sided players could have applied the referees a little bit on this day – "Sir, Kohli and Russell are going to hit, if the sitcom is a bit maintained between beaters and Arrume players, it's good!

The RCB has scored 91 races in the last 5 overs. KKR 82 When the last six overs of the two teams have been calculated, the total is 205! Leave the IPL in the case of a T20 match that was not. Twenty-six scouts hit six scouts After that, if players complain about the safety of the sitcom, it's wrong Kohli (100) scored 58 runs, Maine 66 scored 28! But the goal of 213 runs KKR could go. Not for a few reasons.

Dinesh Kartik is the captain of the team. During bowling, fielding changed unnecessary fielding. Once the third man was caught in the circle. Kohlir's Mishelete pulls up on the top of the staff. But the more important question than that, why did Kartik send Rasel to four?

Russell named six and if he gets more than two balls, KKR will not lose three points in Eden.

The second reason is that the Uthappa beat, adjusting the turtle rate. In such a field, where the rate of Asqing was 14-15, Uthappa made 9 to 20. When Russell came down, score 11.5 overs 79

Three reasons, bowl Kuldeep Yadav. The Chinese players gave 59 runs in four overs. Moin took 26 races in an over.

On this day, 60 Eden people looked at the north-north-south corner of the hitter. If Kohlis struggled for the time and art of the game, then Russell was the dispersal of muscularity. Where there is no word for Mishett, where the object of the boogie is left in the mouth. But somewhere a word was mixed in two Friday-fitness heroes.

The machine is kept somewhere in Kohlim's academy. It took a couple of years ago. This machine can make the body's special place almost lean. Embarrassing the meaning of the body is the increase of reflexes. So much so that Kohli could move from the rest of the scouts to the ball in the split second. The difference between the timing difference between Misheit and Anindasundara.

Russell's aptitude is a little different. He does not run fast but in the place where he did his cardio and weightlifting, no one can question his technique.

On the eve of the RCB game, the question arose about his physical form, he was drowned in the fitness routine at the hotel late at night. The video posted on his Instagram on Thursday was seen, one will pedal in this off-road caribbean. With a "Focus" message All of you are asleep, I'm sleepy. Kapil Pandey said on Kanpur's phone the day before the start of the match, "Kuldeep was talking to his youngest coach, Kapil Dev Pandey, Kuldeep believes the scouts are very good in the field of Eden. But I said, you have to fix the flight and turn. Also, try to play the batter with the coverage area. "

Kuldeep went to do this job. Starting with the flight, against Kohali But after the ball hits Yousseens Bolt at the edge of the ball, confidence breaks into pieces.

The crown of Shahrukhuddin Badminton in Eden came to an end. But what can he be totally satisfied with? The two Ris Spinners (Kuldeep and Chahal) of their selection have achieved 104 races in 7 overs!

Captain RCB can laugh, the captain of India laugh?


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