At one stage, together Nanak and Sadek Khan –


The party appointed the secretary general of the Dhaka North City Metropolitan Committee of the party, Sadek Khan, who appointed the Awami League for Dhaka -13 seats, in addition to the central secretary-general, Nanak.

Although he remained active all the time in the party's activities, he was absent in the last days, but on Monday night, at the beginning of the capital Mohammadpur, a community meeting was held at the Community Center; He supported Sadek Khan.

In love with Nanak's emotional speech, Sadek Khan, a new candidate, said: "I greet my older brother, who gave me all the talk, took me to the trunk."

At the beginning of the meeting, during the last 10 years, while presenting Nanak as MP, a documentary was presented for the development of the city of Mohammadpur, Adabar and Sher-e-Banglanagar.

Its supporters have joined the program with a slogan on behalf of Nanak. "Good evening brother, we have not forgotten you," Nanak bhai did not lose, the truth was lost & # 39; slogan was his face.

In the speech, Nanaak, the current MP, collapsed in tears. He said: "I have been working continuously since the day I took the boat in that area." Our leader, Sheikh Hasina, delivered the boat to Sadek Khan, so we must unite to forget all the differences. two boats ".

He said: "Sadek Khan is the leader of the soil and man in this area, my brother." He led our team in that area for a long time. so Sadek Khan will have to work. "

For Sadek Khan, Nanak said, "People with one person, leader of the leader, can compete with the leadership of the leader. But all you have to do is raise your chest."

Then Sadek Khan said, "My older brother Jahangir Kabir Nanak No one can say that, I was never cheated by him any day."

He said: "We all have to work together for the interests of the boats forgetting all the differences between the united. If you make a mistake, then I also want to apologize, correct it."

Nank and Sadek Khan have fought coldly for a few days, which will be the leaders of the boats in the next eleven national elections. That legal fight, the beginning of the distribution of Awami League nomination forms in the current month, becomes a public form. On that day, the workers of Nanak and Sadek Khan were involved in the conflict. Two of them were killed.

Then, due to being one of two people, the electoral politics acquired a new dimension in seats of Dhaka-13.


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